6 Reasons Why Alien Worlds Has a Promising Future

2021 has brought a wave of new people and projects into the blockchain gaming space. After such an intense surge in popularity, the next downturn is almost certain to separate the projects with staying power from the ones that are in this space for a quick buck. When looking for games to play in this space, I look for projects with the proper team, backing, and vision to make it through the inevitable intense swings in momentum. Alien Worlds is one of those projects, and today I would like to go over the top 6 reasons why I believe in Alien Worlds is here to stay.

#1. The Team: After rocketing up the charts upon release, the team was grateful for the success but continued to focus on the game and it’s underlying architecture. The team quickly realized that the existing UI would not scale properly in the long-run, and decided to switch to an easily scalable, and less error prone interface. This task isn’t as easy as it sounds for an upstart company with limited developmental resources at their disposal. Over the first 6 months the team forged new relationships, (Binance) implemented shining, and simultaneously pursued specific candidates to round out the development team. Once the team was fully in place, the first move was to roll out a the new UI. The team is currently working on Planet Binance Missions, which are rumored to be coming in the near future.

#2. The Vision: The vision of the founders of Alien Worlds is essentially summed up by the ending of the movie ‘Ready Player One’, except with on huge catch, everyone of us is ‘Parzival’, and anyone can leave an imprint on the Metaverse. Players control their own destiny, and have the power to create real businesses, and meaningful relationships in this space. The icing on the cake is that it’s not only allowed, but encouraged.

#3. Governance: Planetary governance is a feature that still might be quite a ways off, but what it brings is an interesting chance for players to fully control and decide how each planets treasury is spent. This means that real players will essentially shape the future of each planet. This is an important aspect of the game that often goes overlooked by players.

#4. Planet Binance Missions: Players looking for additional use cases for their Trilium shouldn’t have to wait much longer. Missions will provide everyone a chance to lease spacecrafts to send on missions. Each mission has exclusive NFTS and a pool of Trilium to reward.

#5. The return of NFT drops: Who doesn’t like to have a shot at winning a nice NFT prize just for participating? Alien Worlds will provide this opportunity to the games loyal players for the second time in the very near future. If the game didn’t care about it’s real-players they certainly wouldn’t have turned NFT drops off in order to shore up their bot detection system.

#6. Cost to play: Alien Worlds initial cost is among the lowest, and possibly the lowest entry cost for a play to earn game on the WAX blockchain. The game provides new players with NFTS to start, and WAX resources to mine 10-20 times.

Overall, there are several promising projects in the blockchain gaming space. But only a few stand out above the rest, and Alien Worlds is certainly one of those games.

If you are interested in playing Alien Worlds you can get started for free here: https://alienworlds.io/


Starcards and Wax Gamer Present a Halloween Extravaganza!

Somehow Wax Gamer’s Halloween Extravaganza is even more amazing today! We are proud to announce that major art and rock NFT creators Starcards are joining the event, and dropping 225 NFTS, in addition to our 225 NFTS! This 10 day free-for-all is going to be an event for the ages!! Join us on the 4 lands below on October 21st at 00:00 UTC, the event ends on October 31st at 23:59 UTC! Shards will be rewarded once per day! The more you mine, the better your odds of receiving shards!!

10-24 UPDATE: To see the latest shards drops and news form the event then check out this article: https://waxgamer.com/2021/10/24/update-wax-gamers-alien-worlds-mining-competition/

Starcards Rewards

Pumpkin Shards are rumored to be scattered across WAX Gamer’s lands! Simply mine and collect the 3 pumpkin shards! Combine the shards on Nefty Blocks to receive a unique piece of art from one of the OGs in the WAX space!

Nothing says Halloween like the rock-n-roll gore provided by Victor and Rob from Starcards. The 3 pumpkin shards will produce a one of a kind rare piece titled ‘The Wax’ that fans will surely treasure. Each pumpkin shard is limited to 75 mints, so you better get to mining at 00:00 UTC on October 21st! Check out Starcards official Telegram for more information: https://t.me/starcardscrypto

Starcards will be hosting intriguing games on their website, with daily leaderboard challenges, and multiple games that will reward the best players with amazing NFTs. For more information check out their official website: https://www.starcardscrypto.com/

Wax Gamer rewards

Creepy Creature NFTS will be randomly dropped daily (NFT luck does not matter) on the 4 lands pictured below! Go to Nefty Blocks and blend the 3 creatures to receive a ticket! The more you mine means more chances at receiving a ticket each day. Collect as many tickets as you can during the event! Players that have tickets in their Wax wallets on November 1st will be rewarded prizes! Rankings are determined by total number of tickets held on November 1st! But, you have to hurry! This mining event only lasts for 10 days, and each Creepy Creature shard is limited to 75 mints!

Prizes are as follows (rankings are based on total tickets):

1st Place: Alien Worlds Tool: Advanced TD
2nd-3rd Place: Alien Worlds Tool: Barrel Digger
4th-5th Place: 25 WAX
6th-20th Place: 5 WAX
21st-??? Place: 3 WAX

Everyone with a ticket will receive a prize! Mine on any of the 4 lands below to receive Creepy Creature Shards! The madness begins on October 21 at 00:00 UTC and ends on October 31st at 23:59 UTC!

Blend your Creepy Creature Shards here: https://neftyblocks.com/c/alienfansart/blends


Alien Worlds Launches a New UI!

After a few silent months top blockchain game Alien Worlds recently released a new UI, and is teasing much more. A missions tab is also visible inside the new UI and the game certainly seems close to launching the highly anticipated functionality. Let’s dive into the upgrades.

What’s new in the UI? That’s a great question! Let’s cover some of the major improvements.

  • Mining and claiming are much faster processes now
  • A modern design with a slick and seamless interface
  • Players now have the ability to equip multiple copies of the same tool within the UI
  • Shining and Teleport functionality now exists within the UI
  • Planetary information is available for players to see, including commission rate
  • Missions tab added

Reports indicate that Missions launch will be next followed by the return of NFTS drops. The team is also hard at work on a new interactive map of each of the 6 planets.

Stay tuned to Wax Gamer for all of the latest updates and news from around the Wax and blockchain gaming space.

Wax Gamer’s Halloween Extravaganza!

You are invited to Wax Gamer’s Halloween Extravaganza! A 10 Day mining event on 4 Alien Worlds lands! Creepy Creature NFTS will be dropped daily on the 4 lands pictured below! Go to Nefty Blocks and blend the 3 creatures to receive a ticket! Collect as many tickets as you can during the event! Players that have tickets in their Wax wallets on November 1st will be rewarded prizes! Rankings are determined by total number of tickets held on November 1st! But, you have to hurry! This mining event only lasts for 10 days, and each Creepy Creature shard is limited to 75 mints!

Prizes are as follows (rankings are based on total tickets):

1st Place: Alien Worlds Tool: Advanced TD
2nd-3rd Place: Alien Worlds Tool: Barrel Digger
4th-5th Place: 25 WAX
6th-20th Place: 5 WAX
21st-??? Place: 3 WAX

Everyone with a ticket will receive a prize! Mine on any of the 4 lands below to receive Creepy Creature Shards! The madness begins on October 21 at 00:00 UTC and ends on October 31st at 23:59 UTC!

Blend your Creepy Creature Shards here: https://neftyblocks.com/c/alienfansart/blends

Alien Worlds: Game Etiquette

Alien Worlds is quickly becoming the premier blockchain game. You might have just recently found this amazing game and are now asking yourself what the point of this article is?

There area few things to keep in mind when playing Alien Worlds, certain tactics can actually get your account flagged as well. In this article I will go over a few of the things that players should avoid doing in the game. I am only sharing these tips because I have seen this happen to many unwitting players, and a few who were actually trying to game the system as well. I want you to be able to avoid these things, so you can enjoy your gaming experience in a healthy metaverse.

How do I know if my account is flagged?

When your account is flagged you will most certainly notice when mining. Regardless of the tools you are using you will only receive a fraction of 1 Trilium per attempt, usually this amount is in the .00003 to .00005 range.

Can I have multiple accounts

The game has a one account per person policy. Some of you might be wondering why you can’t just start account with every device in your home, or on an old phone or two. This is against the rules. These rules allow the game’s Trilium allotment to be fairly disbursed among explorers mining in the metaverse.

If you have a sibling living in your home with you they are allowed to play though, as long as everyone is over 18.

Can I use a bot to mine?

Using bots in the game Alien Worlds is not allowed. The game has significant countermeasures in place to ensure that the clicking being done is by humans. Trilium is a precious resource in the game and the developers want to ensure that the playing field is fair for every player. Using a bot or script will get your account flagged as well.

Can I mine 24 hours per day?

It is important to take care of your health and that you do not forget to sleep. As long as you behave like a human your account will be fine.

Why do these measures exist?

The flagging system exists to keep the game Alien Worlds fair for everyone. These measures should give potential players confidence, especially if you plan to invest in it. If you feel your account was unfairly flagged please leave a message on the games official discord support channel.

Alien Worlds: Getting Started

You might have recently stumbled onto the world’s #1 blockchain game Alien Worlds and are wondering what the hype is all about? The website is cutting edge and does a marvelous job of leading you to the games interface, the Federation even gives you an avatar and a standard shovel to start your journey! But, what does all of this mean? What are these NFTS in my new WAX Wallet and what do they do? How do I get more? These are some of the questions I asked as a new player and along the way many nice people have shared the answers to them with me. In this article I hope to help you with many of the questions new players might have in the game and hopefully set you on a path to Trilium riches!

Getting Started

You have just created your account and the game brings you to the interface, but your inventory is empty and you do not see an avatar, why? Sometimes it takes about 5 minutes for your account to be minted on the bloks so you might have to log out, then back in a few times for your account to be fully functional.

I know what you’re thinking at this point, probably the same thing I was, can I just get my shovel please so I can mine some TLM! After a few minutes you finally have your tool and are sent off on a journey into the metaverse!

What do the numbers mean?

The first question you might ask yourself is what do all of the numbers on the cards (NFTS) mean? It’s actually not that complicated. The picture above takes a look at the standard shovel you are given to begin with and helps to decipher the numbers.

Choosing a land to mine on

The game will assign you a plot of land to mine on (you do not own this land though) if you want to setup shop there it is fine. However, there is a bit more to the process if you hope to mine efficiently in the game Alien Worlds. There are a couple of things to consider before choosing a location to mine. One is your personal objectives and what you hope to achieve either by mining, NFTS, Trilium or a balanced build for both. Regardless of your goals, it is advisable that you look at the sheet above provided by Vulpes. In the sheet you can see all of the different types of land and their efficiency.

To change mining locations in the game Alien Worlds press the mine button in the game, this will show you the land you are currently mining on and the tools you are using. Under the land there is a button that says ‘change’ and by clicking this button you can change your location to anywhere, on any of the 6 planets.

To learn more about choosing a land and paying the lowest commission please check out our Alien Worlds Guide.

Avoiding Errors

Now that you know what the numbers on the tools mean and how to choose a location to mine, you are ready to begin your journey into the metaverse as a new explorer! But, there is one last hurdle to clear before you level up so to speak. If you are new to WAX and did not have a wallet before playing Alien Worlds, then you might experience a CPU error after playing for a day or two. In order to avoid this error, simply buy some CPU in the resources section of the WAX wallet dashboard. Staking as little as .10 WAX will keep you in the action and avoid further errors.

If you do not have WAX, can’t buy it or simply do not want too, then you can exchange some of your Trilium for WAX on the Alcor exchange. Your WAX wallet will link to this as well. For more information on using the Alcor exchange please check out our Alien Worlds Guide.

Where do I buy Alien Worlds NFTS?

Congratulations! You are officially out of the noob stages of the game at this point and are now wanting to know where you can buy some new tools? Or even better you found an awesome Alien Worlds NFT while mining and now want to sell it. How do you do this and where?

The Atomic Assets marketplace is the third and final piece to the Alien Worlds economy. In this marketplace you can buy, sell and trade Alien Worlds NFTS! Simply select the Alien Worlds collection from the tab on the side to begin to browse the listings. It is worth noting that people list items for outrageous prices all of the time, and you will be thankful later if you apply the filters to see the lowest prices of particular items.

Hopefully this article helps you on your journey into the Alien Worlds metaverse and if you see me around the community, please say hello.

Alien Worlds: A Logical Look at Buying Land

Players have been flooding to the world’s #1 blockchain game Alien Worlds and many are now asking if land is worth the investment? Over the past month, the price of a piece of land has basically tripled, as people are finding many different use cases for the digital asset, including promotions and earning passive Trilium.

So, in today’s article we are going to take a deeper dive into land, and chat with a few owners. Hopefully, by the end of this you know a bit more about Alien Worlds land, and what makes it so appealing to people.

What is land in the game Alien Worlds?

Land is a NFT (digital token/asset) in the game Alien Worlds that allows the owners to charge commission when explorers mine on their land. There are only about 3,200 pieces of land in the game, spread over 6 planets. The games whitepaper does leave the possibility for planets to be added in the future. Landowners are also entitled to weekly Trilium from the Federation, that usually amounts to about 70 Trilium per day.

Future additions to the game like hospitals (for healing minions) will allow owners to earn even more passive Trilium as well. This is honestly only scratching the surface of the endless possibilities the future holds for landowners. This does not necessarily make land a good investment and I would suggest you do your own research before investing in the game.

Speaking to actual landowners

Now that we understand a bit more about land, why is Alien Worlds land appealing? David Elvion, who owns a piece of land on Magor said, ‘I was looking at Alien Worlds as a way to play to earn, and I love idle games but have been wasting my time away.’

I heard about this and found Axie and crypto kitties, but the gas fees were too much, upland was boring ok, so this earns me some crypto and is actually fun.

The community is what really drew me in though, Lisa Chandler onboarded me and she has been kind to me and is well known throughout this community. Usually tech people aren’t as warm and inviting as I have found this community to be.’

Infidel, who also owns land in the game was seemingly inspired for similar reasons, ‘I bought land because I feel there is a future for the game. The value continues to rise, so that’s also another reason.’

The great part about owning land too is that people can join the community and I can give prizes to the people helping me out. In all, it’s symbiotic and helps keep the metaverse flourishing.

Lalothen, another landowner in the game, paired owning land with artistic ability and created his own brand and NFTS. He told us that, ‘I decided to invest in land because I think Alien Worlds is going to be a successful game in the long term, and with land being such a limited resource the demand – and consequently price – is only going to increase over time.

‘Add to that the fact that there are extensive plans involving terraforming, shop fronts, etc, and owning a plot of land is also going to be fairly integral to having a complete gaming experience.’

Gonfra is another player who owns land and was initially attracted to Alien Worlds because of the game’s potential, but he isn’t your typical gamer. ‘I didn’t play a game for more than 20 years. I searched for a game that could work in some profit, and ended here. I was also looking towards crypto. Started to play, and after a while I was a bit addicted.’

So I looked to the road map of the game, and that’s when I decided to make a more risky step, and went for land buying, wondering if I could make that part of a bigger project with an alliance of friends. I was motivated enough to risk my money.’

Should you buy land?

What can we take from the land owners comments then? The one common theme seems to be, coming to earn passive crypto, but staying for the amazing game and community around it. This doesn’t mean that buying land is right for everyone. Also, it is worth noting that you can experience Alien Worlds and all of it’s features without owning land. If you do decide to buy land, keep in mind that the cheapest piece on the market can be equally as effective as the more expensive ones, and that the rarity of the land in no way affects Trilium earnings, or NFT drops.

Hopefully this article provided you with a bit of insight on owning land, and a glimpse inside the mentality that Alien Worlds land owners have.

Alien Worlds: Governance Race Heats Up

The past few months have seemingly flown by in the Alien Worlds metaverse. The game has already rolled out a number of new updates including shining tools and faces/avatars. Several new features are also coming to the game soon, including launching on Binance Smartchain, new missions and of course the Thunderdome!!

But, before these things can be launched much more important business is at hand in the form of planetary governance. Each planet in the game will have 5 people chosen to represent it. Over the past 2 weeks the number of candidates on each planet has grown dramatically as the numbers below show us:

But why would someone be interested in running for a governance position in the metaverse? I recently caught up with a few of the candidates and asked them that very question.

Though the candidates have different platforms, doing good deeds seems to be at the core of the majority of the campaigns. Coneman who is a candidate on all six of the planets had this to say when asked what inspired him to run for governance.

I think I was inspired mainly because the mechanics facilitate being a big part of the community and having a voice in a sea of many individuals. I’ve always enjoyed leading and the social interactions that come with it.

Another player who goes by the username Your Daddy is hoping for a spot on Magor’s council has a more focused approach with his campaign, he simply hopes to “Help all those who mine on Magor.” He does seem to be enjoying the entire process though. ‘It’s like politics, we make decisions and either rejoice with greatness or reconsider to make a better decision.’

The appeal of being political in a totally new, almost futuristic way is also appealing to many of the candidates as well. When asked about this Coneman said:

‘AW governance is unique in the fact that it has a potentially huge impact in the long future of the game while breeding a community that is necessary for its survival, plus who doesn’t want the ability to set up fights for entertainment like a roman emperor.’

Another user by the name of Sharkyto is running for government on Veles and was kind enough to share his vision of the planets future with us:

‘I like Veles, we have many interesting ideas to make it the best planet in the game, and I’m sure we will succeed, the other planets will have to adapt and everyone will be happy. I think about new players, commissions, dedicated funds and many other ideas that can make Veles not only a great place, but the whole game a place where everyone can be sent home.’

Sharkyto went on to say that ‘I know it looks like an electoral proclamation, but I assure you that the ideas are clear, and the purpose is definitely not inclined to personal profit, on the contrary, quite the opposite.

Players from around the community are already building bonds in anticipation of a future where players will need to work together to accomplish larger goals. Good Vibes Mining had this to say when asked about what makes the game and upcoming elections so intriguing.

‘This metaverse is so much fun. We love it here. We have many ideas to make Veles a great place, and others that we think make the whole metaverse more fun!

In conjunction with David Lee the Alien Worlds Guide was created and is a good example of something we are doing now and will continue to do after the elections. This idea was sparked by Sharkyto’s thoughts on beginners needing help and would have been impossible without David Lee! (teamwork!!)’

Other candidates like Nathan, who is running on Naron had this to say when asked about how he would divide Naron’s daily Trilium allotment with the planets residents.

‘I would subsidize landowners who keep their commissions low. Give incentive to those who upgrade their land. I wouldn’t be against saving up to upgrade the planet, host competitions and give to charities. I would rather reward stakers to the planet as that would give incentive to miners to stake more to Naron. Maybe miners would be rewarded earlier on to get more people to stake to Naron.’

Alien Worlds lead developer Michael Yeates seems pleased with the way the list of candidates is starting to round out and said as much when we reached out for comment.

‘Yes I am very happy with the number of registrations we have had, I was a little worried that we would not get enough.’

But when will the elections take place. This quote from the teams official Medium page might provide a bit of insight:

It is important that Trilium be staked to a planet, as the governance functionality of that planet cannot be awarded to the Explorers until it reaches a sustainable level, in the eyes of the Federation.’

The links below are to each planets staking data.

The race for planetary dominance is starting to heat up that’s for sure and WAX Gamer will keep you updated with the latest news!

Alien Worlds is now the #1 DAPP Game!

Alien Worlds is now the #1 DAPP Game in the world on a 24 hours basis. The game has had a series of positive news stories break this week, in turn that caused users and transactions to grow considerably. The DAPP gaming landscape certainly is a fluid situation but the top players are seemingly starting to separate themselves from the pack.

Alien Worlds continues it’s run of positive momentum today as the project has reached another milestone by eclipsing 15 thousand users on a 24 hours basis for the first time in the games history. For those of you actually in the community this news probably does not come as a surprise, but the recent momentum has almost certainly caught the attention of new players and NFT enthusiast’s from around the globe.

On a 24 hour basis the games users are up almost 8% and the number of transactions in the game are up almost 9%. Alien Worlds is currently the #1 DAPP game on the market and the project doesn’t even have an official app for IOS or Android! The game’s likely top rival Upland (a 3d land trading game) does have an app and has held the #1 position for most of 2021. Alien Worlds also briefly passed Upland last week to claim the top spot according to DAPP Radar’s rankings, but quickly fell back to the #2 position.

The battle for blockchain gaming supremacy is surely only getting started and WAX Gamer will keep you updated as news develops.

Alien World’s is a blockchain based game that is set in 2055. In this fictional world humans were forced to flee the earth because of plagues and environmental disasters. The humans discovered a wormhole and with the help of aliens were able to escape earth in time to start over in a new metaverse with 6 planets. In this new metaverse the entire economy is tokenized and Trilium is the currency.

Alien Worlds Trilium and NFTS Are Coming to BINANCE Smart Chain

Over the past month Alien World’s has been among the fastest growing games in the world! The good news simply continues to roll in for the project as another huge deal was announced on Wednesday afternoon that will bring Alien Worlds Trilium and NFTS to Binance’s Smart Chain.

The projects official Medium account broke the good news to fans of the game in a post on Wednesday afternoon, which in turn caused the price of the games cryptocurrency (TLM) to rise considerably for the second day in a row. As of the writing of this article, the price of Trlilium is up more than 100% for the week.

The way the project is being brought to Binance isn’t by simply just adding their tokens for trading on the platform. This quote from the teams post does a marvelous job of explaining the way the team will deploy the plan:

‘As part of our vision for users to experience ‘invisible blockchain’ tech underpinning their gaming, we are delighted to announce that we are deploying the following elements on BSC, which is an EVM compatible chain benefiting from low gas fees and providing access to the reach and power of the Binance ecosystem. The Alien Worlds deployment on BSC involves:

  • Deploying Trilium onto BSC: teleport functionality and UI opened to users so that users can teleport their Trilium from BSC to WAX to Ethereum
  • Deploying a series of Binance Mission NFTs onto BSC
  • Dedicated “Binance missions” where users send their spaceship on missions of various durations — 1 week, 2 week, 1 month and 3 month “missions” with Trilium and special NFT rewards claimable at mission end’

The process does sound quite complex for sure, but does this mean Alien Worlds is switching blockchains? Game creator Michael Yeates said the following when asked that very question:

‘No, we are adding extra elements on that chain
extending, not moving the main game will always be on wax and the other chains are just extras’

Exciting times indeed for blockchain gaming and the entire NFT space!