I Asked ChatGPT to Write an Article About Alien Worlds

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months you have undoubtedly heard about ChatGPT, the newish AI tool that converses, writes articles and even produces working (although somewhat wonky) code! The more specific the question, the more precise the answer will generally be. So, I decided to ask ChatGPT to tell me about Alien Worlds, NFTs, DAO technology and how all of these elements empower the games players.

The answer was actually rather impressive, although the all-powerful AI did mistakenly call Alien Worlds a ‘virtual world game’. Otherwise ChatGPT produced a solid article that made me want to login to the game and ensure I didn’t miss a mining attempt. Ok enough of my babbling, without further ado, I give you ChatGPT’s 1,200-word synopsis of the Alien Worlds metaverse.

Alien Worlds is a blockchain-based virtual world game that allows players to mine, trade, and collect rare virtual assets, including Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Alien Worlds utilizes the power of DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) to allow players to govern the virtual world and make decisions that shape the game. This combination of blockchain technology and player governance sets Alien Worlds apart from other virtual world games and provides a unique opportunity for players to have a real impact on the game world they inhabit.

The success of Alien Worlds and its native token Trilium is closely tied to the success of the DAOs that run the game. DAOs are organizations that are run by code, rather than people, and are powered by blockchain technology. This makes them highly transparent, efficient, and resistant to censorship or tampering. In Alien Worlds, players can use Trilium tokens to vote on decisions that affect the game, such as new rules and content updates. This allows players to have a say in the direction of the game, and ensures that decisions are made in the best interest of the player community.

The use of DAOs in Alien Worlds also has important implications for society as a whole. DAO technology has the potential to revolutionize the way that organizations are run, by making them more democratic and transparent. This can have a positive impact on many different industries, from finance and investment, to non-profit organizations and political movements. DAOs can be used to create decentralized communities that are run by the people, for the people, and are not controlled by a central authority. This can lead to a more equitable and democratic society, where everyone has a voice and a say in the decisions that affect them.

Another important aspect of Alien Worlds is the use of NFTs. NFTs are unique digital assets that are stored on a blockchain, and are one of the key components of the virtual world game. NFTs give players the ability to own and trade rare virtual assets, such as collectible items, characters, and landscapes. This creates a real economy within the game world, where players can trade assets and earn rewards for their efforts. The use of NFTs in Alien Worlds also has important implications for the wider NFT ecosystem, as it demonstrates the potential for NFTs to be used in real-world applications, such as virtual real estate, online marketplaces, and more.

In conclusion, Alien Worlds is an innovative blockchain-based virtual world game that combines the power of DAOs with the utility of NFTs. The use of DAOs allows players to have a real impact on the game world they inhabit, and provides a unique opportunity for players to participate in a democratic and transparent virtual community. The use of NFTs gives players the ability to own and trade rare virtual assets, and creates a real economy within the game world. The success of Alien Worlds and its native token Trilium is a testament to the potential of DAO technology and NFTs to revolutionize the way that organizations and virtual communities are run, and highlights the important role that these technologies will play in shaping the future of society.

What are your thoughts on the article? Join our Discord and post your opinion along with your WAX wallet address and we will send you an Alien Worlds NFT. https://discord.gg/Vt3QhEgY


NFTs and Me an Introspective Look at the Metaverse

I hear this all the time, ‘NFTs are a scam and waste of time’. I think that anyone who has spent any real amount of time in this space hears the same thing, maybe more often than we would like to admit. Who wants to own a JPEG? Why would I buy an image that I can download for free?

The most important thing to keep in mind, whether you are collecting NFTs or working within a traditional business setting is that if you are not passionate about what you are doing then you are in the wrong field.

I have been through many phases in my own life while searching for what I want to do. What is my passion? What is my purpose? I think we all have this inner dialogue where we question our purpose and wonder if we are making the right decisions.

How does any of this relate to NFTs? Allow me to elaborate. If you are young, please read this next paragraph. Most young people have to take jobs they are not passionate about, especially while attending college. There is no right or wrong path to happiness or success. Enjoy the journey and look at every experience as a chance to learn, grow your knowledge and understand who you are.

My own experiences have led me to where I am, just as yours have led you to where you are today. I have worked good jobs, bad jobs, went to college, started failed businesses, started more failed businesses, started successful businesses and so on. The one thing that I always do is continue to pursue knowledge in fields that I am truly passionate about.

I found out who I am along the way and knowing yourself is the most important piece of the equation. How can we ever find our purpose if we don’t know who we truly are?

I know that I am a people person. I enjoy conversating and learning from others. I am not happy with the trajectory of the worlds socioeconomic structure. I enjoy making people happy. I enjoy sharing what I have with others. I enjoy technology and collecting pieces of plastic and cardboard from my childhood. I also want to make an impact and better the world.

Cryptopunks was the first NFT project I discovered, and my first thought was: Why would anyone buy a digital JPEG? Why are people paying Ethereum for this worthless, low-quality, 8-bit Nintendo looking image? I didn’t see the utility in owning an image. Of course, time has proven my initial analysis wrong, but it took me several years to see the bigger picture.

I am still not a huge fan of most of the NFTs without utility. There will always be exceptions to the rule such as Punks or Beeple art for example. For the most part, I’m just not a huge fan of this sector. Remember, I am an idealist in that I am looking for a product that can add value to the world.

The first project that caught my eye in this way was Alien Worlds. The NFTs in the game have utility and provide something in return for owning them, thus incentivizing ownership of the NFTs. I honestly don’t know if that fact alone would have pushed me to invest in the Alien Worlds Metaverse, but it certainly opened my eyes.

I then discovered DAOs and learned that each of the planets within Alien Worlds is a DAO. I also learned that real people like you and I will have the power to make decisions as a collective and decide what happens with the treasuries on each of the planets. These treasures are valued at 7 figures in total. We are not talking about a few dollars of financial impact.

This blew my mind! What if people from around the world can come together and decide what’s best for their community as a group. Not just a voting mechanism, but voting that will actually make a difference. How many times have we all fell for the old left-right paradigm and thought that our vote really makes a difference in our respective political landscapes? I would venture to guess that most everyone reading this article has felt betrayed at one point or another by their elected officials. DAOs in conjunction with NFTs can change this! We can choose to build our own reality, our own world on top of the corrupt, bloated world we currently reside in. One without dictators. One with less suffering and more smiles. A world that we all can call be proud to call home.

At the end of the day there are always going to be vultures attempting to capitalize on the success of games like Alien Worlds, Axies and The Sandbox. There will be bad actors. Many projects will come and go. You have to ask yourself what it is that you are passionate about and find like-minded people interested in the same. If NFTs have piqued your interest, do not just jump in and start buying trending projects. Take the time to research a project and their intentions. Join the community and see if their members are people truly interested in the mechanics of the project and not just a flip for a quick buck. There are endless NFT projects on the WAX blockchain, some AAA titles are even starting to incorporate NFTs into their products. You have to decide who you are and what it is that you are looking for.

Find projects with innovative products, that are here for the long-haul, for the right reasons. Alien Worlds is a good place to start in that the intentions are clearly stated. The DAOs are the secret ingredient that will allow you the power to change the world, or just relax and spend some time with new friends innovating the ideas of tomorrow. To get started visit: https://alienworlds.io/

A Closer Look at Automation’s Role in the Blockchain Gaming Metaverse

Today’s blockchain gaming climate brings diverse challenges to the development teams from every project in this ever-growing space. A portion of players crank up their gaming a level by running scripts to automate their accounts, with some going as far as to create entire fleets of automated accounts. Whether the game be on Ethereum, WAX or BNB Chain a small percentage of players are trying their best to spam account creation and syphon as many resources as possible out of the ecosystem.

The morality and ethics of account automation is a hotly contested topic within blockchain gaming communities. On one hand ‘botting’ allows people from all over the world a way to generate passive income, and some of these people could be in regions of the world where hyperinflation has taken hold. For people in these situations ‘botting’ might actually put food on the table and play a vital role in survival.

On the other hand, some botters use their gains to create their own products in this space. Of course, there are undoubtedly a large percentage of people that bot for selfish reasons. The reasons that people automate blockchain games are numerous and cut across a broad range of the socioeconomic and cultural spectrums.

Some projects like the WAX blockchain and Alien Worlds are being proactive about eliminating account automation, while others simply lack the resources to combat bots or just ignore them all together.

What are the ramifications for allowing automated accounts to go unchecked?

The Consequences

On the surface botting sounds innocent enough, and I am sure that most of us in this space have knowingly or unknowingly interacted with people who actively do so. What are the consequences of these actions? As Sir Isaac Newton so eloquently said β€œFor every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Players with multiple automated accounts ultimately take resources away from real players, in addition, these players muddy the public’s perception of projects by raiding their treasuries around the clock in full view of the blockchain. Even players with 1 automated account are at a sizable advantage to those without.

This behavior suppresses interest from real people and ultimately the value of tokens, indeed some of the bot managers do hold tokens for long periods, however the majority sell immediately.

Botting also puts the average honest player at a huge disadvantage inside the actual games. If an honest player with 1 account faces an opponent with the resources from hundreds of accounts at their disposal, it is almost impossible for them to win anything meaningful. This creates a dynamic where honest players feel discouraged, and some ultimately walk away from a project. Feeling too far behind or like one has the inability to ever conceivably ‘catch up’ sends real players in search of greener pastures and other games.

The Solution

Many of the games in this space simply lack the resources or understanding as to how to tackle these challenges. Other games in this space are not concerned with eliminating botters, because they like the boost to their numbers and are happy to be garnering any interest at all. Some of these projects are new or just don’t have the resources to combat the automation.


The WAX blockchain prides itself on being the least costly gaming and NFT blockchain in the world. The WAX team recently implemented a 5 WAX creation fee for all new wallets. This fee cuts down on account spam from botters and allows real players to reap more rewards in the hundreds of games built on the WAX blockchain.

Alien Worlds

Everyday thousands of players flock to Alien Worlds to begin their mining adventures. Explorers are given a Standard Shovel, an avatar and 25 daily mining attempts for free at the start of their journey. The overwhelming majority of Alien Worlds players go on to play the game with 0 interruptions, but for a small percentage of over ambitious Trilium diggers this is not the case. These players often end up with a flagged account, allowing more rewards to go to players that follow the games rule: 1 account per person.

I like the fact that Alien Worlds eliminates botters, even if it is a detriment to their own numbers. This allows real players to thrive in a truly free to play game.

Catching and eliminating automated accounts is a game of cat and mouse and the goal posts are constantly changing for both botters (some of whom are brilliant coders in their own right) and the developers that work to eliminate them from the ecosystem. Devoting resources and correctly identifying automated accounts would go a long way towards ensuring that players can equally reap rewards from the revolutionary games and NFT projects in this space.

Wax Gamer and NFT Draft Present a Holiday Festival

Santa Claus is coming to Naron, and he is bringing a big bag of gifts to Wax Gamer miners! We generally go big or go home, so in typical Wax Gamer fashion we are adding 900 NFTS to the 200 packs that NFT Draft is dropping! That means that over 1,100 NFTS will be dropping to the awesome people that call Wax Gamer’s lands their home in Alien Worlds.

There are 3 Holiday Festival shards that will be dropping on the lands pictured below! Collect Wax Gamer’s Sleigh, Reindeer, and Presents, then blend the 3 shards on Nefty Blocks to receive a ticket! Each ticket will be worth 1 WAX. The top 10 ticket holders will win the prizes listed below! To learn more about NFT Draft check out our article about that portion of the event.

Rules: Simply mine on any of the 4 lands pictured above to have a chance at receiving Wax Gamer’s Holiday Festival shards and NFT Draft promo packs! More attempts = more luck. Blend the shards on Nefty Blocks to receive tickets.


1st-3rd: Basic Trilium Detector
4th -7th: ExoGloves
8th-10th: 3 NFT Draft Promo Packs

Each ticket is worth 1 Wax. Ticket snapshot will be taken on January 6th, 2022, at 23:59 UTC.

*Total tickets held will determine the winners of the Wax Gamer portion of the event. Tickets + shards will be used as a tiebreaker.

In addition, the amazing team over at NFT Draft are dropping 200 promo packs throughout the event! Read more about that portion of the event here.

Begins: December 18th at 00:00 UTC

Ends: January 2nd at 23:59 UTC

NFTS will drop every 48 hours at or around 00:00 UTC

Blend: https://neftyblocks.com/c/alienfansart/blends

*Commision will be set to 10% for the duration of this event

Follow the drops: https://beta.alienworlds.ricardooow.tech/

Join the community: https://discord.gg/mwPVtxR9SR

Are you Ready for Some Football? NFTDRAFT.io Event Starts Soon!

After a successful and fun Thanksgiving competition what better way to get into the holiday spirit than with some good old fashioned American Football! The amazing team over at nftdraft.io have graciously donated 200 promo packs that we will be rewarding to lucky miners from December 18th – January 2nd.

What is NFT draft? Superior to daily fantasy football in nearly every measurable aspect. Take league play to another level by adding, collecting, and trading cards. Profit from selling cards or even renting them out during the season. If you are familiar with fantasy football or basketball you then you already know the mechanics behind the game. However, with NFT Draft NFTS you actually own the cards that you use in your lineups! Blend, loan, play and win!

But wait there’s more! Wax Gamer’s Holiday Festival will be running in tandem with this event. What does this mean for you? More chances to win amazing NFTS! Check out the details for that portion of the event here.


Starts: December 20th at 00:00 UTC

Ends: January 2nd at 23:59 UTC

Scoring: Simply mine on any of the 4 lands to participate. More attempts = more luck. Packs will be dropped every 48 hours.

Follow the drops: https://beta.alienworlds.ricardooow.tech/

In addition to this event, we will be dropping NFTS for Wax Gamers Holiday Festival at the same time! Details coming soon!

*Land commissions will be set to 10% for the duration of this event

For more information check out NFT Draft’s website: https://nftdraft.io/

Join the NFT Draft community: https://discord.com/invite/nftdraft

Join Wax Gamer’s community: https://discord.gg/mwPVtxR9SR

Farming Tales: Where NFTS Meet Farming Utility on Wax

Farming Tales is one of the more intriguing games on the WAX blockchain, in that the team blends NFTS with real life ownership of goods. Players can choose to farm resources and/or own the actual rights to various plants, trees, and even a few honey producing bees. In an era of organic overload this game might have the type of traction needed to go the distance in the WAX game space. In today’s article I will throw on my overalls, head out to the farm, and take a closer look at the mechanics of Farming Tales.

Owners actually own physical products. For example owning a hive will produce real honey that you can choose to take ownership of. Players can also choose to have the products sold on the market and receive Wax in return.

Farmers can stake assets such as bees to an owners bee hive to start their own production. The owner of the asset receives a percentage of farmers production.

At the end of each season the various plants are harvested in real-life and the farmers and owners divide the crop based on the game mechanics outlined above.


Ownership is achieved by completing various NFT collections. For example in order to own Hives you must complete the Beekeeper collection. Collections consist of 10 elements that can obtained in various way throughout the season, including pack and auction sales.

Blend these objects to create an NFT land that is connected to a real asset, of which you become the owner.


To become a farmer it is required to hold one of the assets considered “main objects”. These NFTS will then need to be staked.

The Market

During the course of gameplay, player might find that they need more of one resource or have a surplus of another. For example, animals will need veggies and water. This is why a market exists in the game so players can swap resources with one another, just as farmers would in the real world.


By holding farm NFTS you will receive SEST which is the games token. In the future there will be items in the village shops that players can purchase as well.


Farming Tales also launched brand new gameplay functionality today! See you on the farm!

If you are interested in Farming Tales then check out their official website and discord below.

Check out Farming Tales website: https://www.farmingtales.io/

Join Farming Tales Discord: https://discord.com/invite/z8yRNBU2pu

How to Buy and Sell NFTS and Tokens Earned From Wax Games

You might be one of the thousands of people that recently discovered the Wax blockchain and the hundreds of games that exist on it. Congratulations, and welcome to the place where imagination meets reality.

When I first discovered this space I had so many questions about the mechanics of play to earn, and players in the communities were very helpful. So, in today’s article we will take a deeper dive into these mechanics.

Buying and Selling NFTS

Many of the players in this space discovered games like Alien Worlds and Splinterlands before they even knew what a Wax Wallet was. Simply entering the Alien Worlds Discord and asking where to buy more NFTS, like tools for example, will usually be met with this sort of response ‘no market talk’. This response might leave you confused, and possibly offended. But, the Alien Worlds team is only trying to ensure that their game remains viewed as a game in the eyes of the powers that be. However, this creates a somewhat awkward experience for new users. Lucky for us, we can discuss and cover the mechanics of the market here.

Places to buy/sell NFTS:

Atomic Hub Market place: https://wax.atomichub.io/market

Nefty Blocks: https://neftyblocks.com/marketplace

NFT Hive: https://www.nfthive.io/market?refresh=true

Wax Stash: https://waxstash.com/markets?collection_name=xpansiongame&panel_view=listings&sort=price__asc

Each of these marketplaces does a fine job of displaying NFTS that are currently for sale. You can filter your search by specific projects, and NFTS within the project as well. You can even transact in Trilium on the Wax Stash market place!

Pro Tip: To ensure that you are getting the best price always use the price lowest filter when buying NFTS.

Buying and Selling Tokens

Whether you’re taking pandas on a quest, or battling in space to save humanity, you are generally earning a token or in game currency in this space. The majority of these tokens can be bought and sold on marketplaces. Some of the tokens, like Wax and Trilium for example can even be traded on large exchanges like Binance. However, the majority of these tokens can only be traded on Alcor Exchange.

Alcor: https://wax.alcor.exchange/markets

Pro Tip: To ensure that you are getting the most value, before trading always double check the order book to the left of the screen.

Hopefully this article was helpful for you. For further assistance feel free to join our Discord: https://discord.gg/Y2ync7WnNB

Space Heroes Dropping NFTS on Wax Gamer Lands for 6 Days!!

Oops, we did it again! In another first for the Alien Worlds Metaverse, Space Heroes will be dropping their amazing NFTS for 6 days on Wax Gamer’s Alien Worlds Lands! The good news for Wax Gamer miners is that Space Heroes NFTS will be dropping in addition to the NFTS from our ongoing event! What does this mean? Simply put, more NFTS for you! Let’s take a look at this interstellar Space Heroes event.

Begins November 15th at 00:00 UTC
Ends November 21st at 23:59 UTC

Space Heroes NFTS will be dropped to random miners throughout the event. Simply mine on any of the 4 lands pictured in this article throughout the event for a chance to win! Active participation will increase your chances of winning Space Heroes NFTS!

Space Heros pairs NFTS with space exploration and mining, with Discord and Telegram to create an awesome gaming experience.

Space Heroes is a futuristic blockchain game based on many of the stories we know related to the end of the world. In this story a group of astronauts, the best in the world selected by the human race go out in search of habitable planets and resources necessary to save the human race of the imminent death of our planet earth due to overexploitation of resources and the ecosystem collapse….

Visit Space Heroes on the web: https://spaceheroes.world/

This article was written to help people understand how to mine in Space Heroes Telegram group. https://spaceheroes.medium.com/?p=6727011abd71

Join Space Heroes Telegram group: https://t.me/spaceheroes
Join Space Heroes Discord: https://discord.gg/spaceheroes

Join Wax Gamer’s Discord to discuss the event: https://discord.gg/mwPVtxR9SR

Wax Gamer’s NFT Harvest!

Fresh off the heels of a very successful Halloween event we decided to go big or go home for our next one! The team over at C-11 has graciously added 1,000 NFTS from their intergalactic sports project to this event! The game is literally one of the hottest games in this entire space right now, and this is your chance to get your hands on some of their amazing NFTS! The good news for you is that it’s easy to start playing C11 using the NFTS that will be dropping to you over the course of this 18 day event. Simply mine on any of the 4 lands at the bottom of this article to participate!

But wait, there’s more? There certainly is! WAX Gamer’s Turkey Hunt will be running in tandem to this event! Let’s look at the details of this 18 day mega-event. First, allow me to set the stage for these beautiful Cosmos Eleven NFTS…..

The year is 4144 in the Hurricane Nebula galaxy.

The world as we know it has long been gone. Humans have colonized several other galaxies including the last Earth-like planet in the Hurricane Nebula – Terra 2.0. As the only planet with running water in the galaxy, it was a perfect choice for the salvation of human civilization. Humans lived there in peace for hundreds of years. They were starting from scratch, slowly rebuilding the life and the technology we once knew, completely unaware that there was someone – something, keeping a close eye on them.

Begins: November 13th at 00:00 UTC.
Ends: November 30th at 23:59 UTC

Cosmos Eleven NFTS will be dropped to random miners throughout the event. Simply mine on any of the 4 lands throughout the event for a chance to win! Active participation will increase your chances of winning Cosmos Eleven NFTS!

Over 50 Cosmos Eleven 11 NFTS will be dropping each day over the course of Wax Gamer’s NFT harvest event! For more information about C11 check out their website: https://cosmoseleven.com/

Check out Cosmos Eleven’s Discord to stay up to date with the latest news from the project: https://discord.gg/cosmoseleven

Mine on any of the 4 lands to participate!

But wait, there’s more!

Howdy ya’ll! I hope that you’ll be on the wagon with us for this NFT packed event! Set your rig up and farm on any of the 4 lands pictured at the bottom of this article to participate in Wax Gamer’s Turkey Hunt! Let’s take a gander at them rules:

Begins: November 13th at 00:00 UTC.
Ends: November 30th at 23:59 UTC.

Mine on Wax Gamer’s lands to receive Wax Gamer’s Farmer, Squirrel and Scarecrow ticket shards! 400 of each shard will be dropped to random miners during this event, for a total of 1,200 shards, or 400 possible tickets! Simply mine on any of the 4 lands throughout the event for a chance to shards! Active participation will increase your chances of winning shards!

Blend your shards here: https://neftyblocks.com/c/alienfansart/blends

Join our Discord for chances to win additional shards: https://discord.gg/mwPVtxR9SR

Follow the drops on our leaderboard: https://beta.alienworlds.ricardooow.tech/asset

Blend Wax Gamer’s squirrel, scarecrow and farmer to receive a Turkey Hunt ticket! Everyone that has a ticket on December 3 at 23:59 UTC will receive a prize!

*Alien Worlds tool prizes may take up to 1 week to be rewarded. Prizes are listed below and will be issued to players holding the most tickets. Tickets + Shards will be used to break ties and a rng will be used to break further ties. Commissions will be set to a very reasonable 7 percent during this event and will return to their normal rates afterwards.

Good luck everyone!

1st place – Advanced TD
2nd place – Barrell Digger
3rd place – 3x ExoGloves
4th place – 20 Wax
5th place – 20 Wax
6th-10th place – 10 Wax
11th-20th place – 2 Chronaverse packs
21st-30th – 3 Wax
31st-? – 1 Wax

Starcards and Wax Gamer’s Halloween Extravaganza Results!

The witching hour has officially come and gone and another exciting event is in the books. I would like to thank everyone for participating and a special thanks to the contributors Starcards and RJ Saints. I am proud to announce that over the course of 10 days we dropped over 700 NFTS on lucky miners. Well over 1000 miners participated in this event! To see the NFTS that were dropped check out our leaderboard!

Starcards: The world renowned team over at Starcards perfectly blend NFT creation with rock-n-roll gore, and they were kind enough to drop 225 Season of the Witch shards during our 10 day event. Blend the pumpkin shards on NEFTY Blocks for a one of a kind piece of art that is appropriately titled ‘The Wax’. You can blend your Stardcards shards here.

Check out Starcards official Telegram to join the madness: https://t.me/starcardscrypto

Starcards will be hosting intriguing games on their website, with daily leaderboard challenges, and multiple games that will reward the best players with amazing NFTs. For more information check out their official website: https://www.starcardscrypto.com/

WAX Gamer Event: 225 Creepy Creature NFT shards were dropped to random miners that mined on WAX Gamers lands over the course of the 10 day event! Rankings were determined by total number of tickets held on November 1st at 23:59 UTC. Below are the final standings and the winners will be rewarded in the next 72 hours. *Tiebreaker is determined by shards held

  1. dzsba.wam (6 tickets) – Advanced TD
  2. 45mua.wam (3 tickets, 1 shard) – Barrell Digger
  3. vbbce.wam (3 tickets, 0 shard) – Barrell Digger
  4. onbfg.wam (2 tickets) – 25 WAX
  5. pi1bq.wam (1 ticket, 3 shards) – 25 WAX
  6. sucb.wam (1 ticket, 2 shards) – 5 WAX
  7. qdvra.wam (1 ticket, 1 shards) – 5 WAX
  8. s43gq.wam (1 ticket, 0 shards) – 5 WAX
  9. qsvri.wam (1 ticket, 0 shards) – 5 WAX
  10. otoqw.wam (1 ticket, 0 shards) – 5 WAX
  11. .tnwo.wam (1 ticket, 0 shards) – 5 WAX
  12. 43424.wam (1 ticket, 0 shards) – 5 WAX
  13. ix2x.wam (1 ticket, 0 shards) – 5 WAX
  14. ijlh2.wam (1 ticket, 0 shards) – 5 WAX
  15. ev.he.wam (1 ticket, 0 shards) – 5 WAX
  16. biwca.wam (1 ticket, 0 shards) – 5 WAX
  17. ajfhc.wam (1 ticket, 0 shards) – 5 WAX
  18. miaw4.wam (1 ticket, 0 shards) – 5 WAX

3 amazing Alien Worlds tools and 115 WAX in prizes will be sent out to the winners over the course of the next 72 hours! You might be asking yourself what you can do with your unused shards from this event? Well hold onto them because they might be redeemable in a future event.

Thanks again to everyone that participated! Stay tuned to Wax Gamer for more exciting events and news from around the blockchain gaming space.